Planning the perfect wedding takes a lot of time and patience. After all, you want to make sure every single detail is just right for your big day! To make sure that your wedding day is magical, you’ll want to make sure you avoid these pitfalls, blunders, and mistakes many couples make during the planning process for their wedding to ensure that things are beyond perfect!

  1. Planning the wedding with no budget set

The biggest mistake couples make is making plans for the dream wedding without setting a budget first. Doing this will only set you up for heartbreak. Either you’ll fall in love with a venue or dress you can’t afford and nothing else afterward will compare to it. You’ll end up resenting your budget and your wedding later. Or if you do try to afford it, you’ll have to scrutinize your wedding list or cancel your honeymoon. Budget always needs to be first before you start shopping for anything!

  1. Buying the dress first

As much as you want to find the perfect dress, ignore your instincts to go dress shopping until the venue is set. This allows you to find a dress to match your venue. If you bought a bow gown dress to only have a rustic barn wedding, the two won’t match. The venue will provide you with the general vibes for your big day, allowing you to plan around it – including your beloved style of wedding dress.

  1. Hiring the wrong DJ

The tone of your wedding is everything, which is why you need to take the time and hire the right DJ. Think of the DJ as the host for your reception, helping it flow from the speeches to the first dances and everything else you’ve planned. Plus, they’ll set the mood for the party with the selection of music they play. Going with the first DJ you meet with won’t give you a sense of what’s out there. It’s best if you narrow down to a few and then thoroughly vet all of them to find the one you mesh best with!

  1. Not hiring a videographer

Many couples think photos are enough to capture their special day, but they’d be wrong. Although a videographer isn’t typically a necessity, you’ll regret not having the video of your amazing day down the road. Try to budget for a videographer so that you have vivid memories of the day you two become one.

  1. Not setting a plan with your photographer

Just winging it with your photographer will end up with loads of missed shots you’ll regret not having later. When hiring a photographer, make sure to set a schedule and a shot plan so that they know what you want in terms of photos. This way, they’ll be able to shoot exactly what you want on the big day. Be as specific as possible and really honest about what sort of pictures you want and don’t want.