How To Create The Most Beautiful Wedding Vows


Written by Mary Dina

November 29, 2019


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There’s nothing more beautiful than expressing your love to your finance at the alter on the day of your wedding. Opting to write your own vows makes the ceremony so much more personal and intimate. Expressing your love, commitment and love to each other is a very special moment, which is why many choose to create one-of-kind vows that express how much that person means to them. Love is one-of-a-king and customizing your vows is a special way to show your true love what you feel for them. But many find it difficult to express their love in words, so here are some useful tips on how to create the most beautiful wedding vows!

  • Speak from the heart

Don’t try to copy someone else’s words and just remember to always speak from your heart. Put your feelings into paper and let them pour out. Don’t edit them just yet – you can do that later. Write down everything you feel for that person and would want to say to them at the wedding.

  • Start with a statement about what this person means to you

Start your vows with a statement about what your fiancé means to you. Talk about how much you love them as a friend, partner, etc.

  • What do you love about them?

Continue by expressing what you love about your partner and what led you to want to spend the rest of your life with them. When did you realize you were in love and wanted to marry them? Writing down all theses expressions of love will allow you to get your thoughts together, find a theme and help make your vows flow correctly.

  • Add in a story

Bring your vows to life by adding in a special story or anecdote that will give guests an intimate look at your love.

  • Say what you’re promising

Towards the end of your vows, you’ll want to layout a few promises and vows that are special to you. It can be humorous and intimate, as long as they are coming from the heart! Make sure you’re using words like “pledge,” “vow” and “promise.”

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