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Mirror Me Photo Booth Washington DC

A selfie mirror photo booth not only gives everyone the opportunity to get in the picture but also provides tons of fun and excitement during the reception. DJ FM offers this large mirror booth with a stylish gold-frame design so all of your guests can experience the fun of snapping a selfie with style. We set it up for you at a convenient location in the reception hall, people stop by to take a picture, and you get fabulous photo memories for your digital scrapbook.

Selfie Mirror

Photo Booth

Professional photographs of the bride and groom, wedding party, family and friends are an integral part of the marriage celebration. They give beautiful pictures to display and save to look back on fondly many years down the road. However, these posed pictures might not capture everyone or all the fun times you have at the reception after the wedding ceremony.

The selfie mirror photo booth uses high-tech digital equipment to make it easy for anyone to operate. The large touchscreen gives simple instructions so anyone from the youngest to the oldest guest can have even more fun. The booth also offers automated voice instructions to help family and friends plan their photo.

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Selfie Mirror Booth Voted #1 Photo Booth for Weddings

This is great for individuals, couples, and groups who want to share their happy time and a special message with the newly wedded couple. People can choose special templates, frames, digital stickers, and animations to augment their photo styles. They can even sign their name by hand to add to the wedding memories.

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